This is a FANTASTIC letter that the Mariners Church youth pastor just sent out to the volunteers in our church. Feel free to adapt it to your youth ministry if it’s helpful, and if you’re not a FREE 60-day gold trial member or using the training platform he mentions in the email (DYM University) then click here for details.

Greetings AMAZING junior high & high school volunteer leader!
Our church is so blessed to have you SERVING teenagers!
Our families are so fortunate that you CARE about their kids!
Our ministry is stronger because of your FAITHFUL commitment!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

You’ve been valued since the day you began working within our youth ministry… but, you’re even more valued and needed and wanted right now.

WARNING: this is a LONG email… but, I have a FREE GIFT for you at the very end. 🙂

I wanted to write you a quick note and let you know of a gift we are making available to you to strengthen and increase your impact with teenagers. We have acquired a site license that gives you total access to an incredible online video youth ministry training (more details below).

Before you access those videos, I want to make you aware of the high priorities that are happening within our youth ministry and ask you to play a role with the students you’re leading, loving, and shepherding.

Youth Night Live is our weekly, live webshow (JHM | HSM) every Wednesday (JH at 6pm/HS at 7pm). It’s fun, fast-paced, and intended to give our students an opportunity to connect with their church and be challenged in their faith.

Your role: please encourage them to watch/engage. Join them in viewing and then jump on a Zoom call, Google hangout, or FaceTime with them a little bit afterwards.

Life Groups are our weekly time to connect with the students you’re shepherding.

Your role: by now you should have been contacted by our JH/HS staff about having a regular, weekly meeting with your Life Group (if not, please let me know). If you’re not tech-savvy (like me)… we’ll help you out. We’re gathering best practices and will continue to figure out how to make these times fruitful.

Discipleship resources provide next-step faith development for students.

In both junior high and high school we want to help teenagers learn to grow spiritually on their own so they’ll keep growing when they graduate from our ministry. We’re currently reworking our website to make it super easy for them to have access to great resources in seconds–check it out.

Your role:  Please encourage your students to download and experiment with these faith-development tools. Encourage your Life Group to download the same resource and work through it together. Let them know to come back often as we’ll be expanding our offerings weekly.

NOW SOMETHING FOR YOU! In this time of stay-at-home learning, we want to give you total access to a robust youth ministry training library. Currently over 40,000 volunteer youth workers are watching and learning from I’ve gone ahead and added your email into the system, and within 24 hours you’ll get an email invitation to access 25+ different videos (they’re short–10 minutes each) with topics such as:

  • Ways to Care for Teens who are Hurting
  • 5 Discipleship Essentials
  • Suicide Prevention
  • Learning to Ask Great Questions
  • Developing Teens Potential, and
  • 22 other great topics.
  • Watch and learn, and then take the 5-minute “reflection-type-test” (no wrong answers) and put in my email address at the very top of your reflection sheet and your responses will go directly to me. I’m super excited to see you grow and learn!

Again, thank you for playing such an important role in our church during this crazy time.

You are doing an incredible job and I’m praying for you by name.


If you want to use DYMU to train your volunteers DIGITALLY, at home, at their own pace & starting today + get $100 off. Click this link now. DYMU will change your youth ministry during this time. Excited to have your team join in our over 40,000 students currently enrolled in DYMUniversity!