Simple question.

Do your leaders know what it means to “win” in your ministry? Meaning if I were to ask them how do they know if they are being a successful leader in your context, would they know what to say?

One of the things that I have discovered is the most successful, most effective ministries have leaders that know if they are “winning” or not. What do I mean by “winning”? If they know if they are carrying out the vision that you as the leader laid out for them.

When leaders know the target they can hit it easier and more frequently.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Simple, clear, concise goals.
  • 1-4 most important goals
  • Communicate with them every single week as a reminder. Vision leaks and everyone needs to be reminded of how they can win. 
  • Follow up in one-on-ones if leaders are not meeting them. You are the keeper of the vision and part of being the leader is working with leaders who are not “winning”. 
  • This is how you upkeep your leader culture. As the leader, you have to keep people accountable to the “wins” and vision. You are the keeper of your culture.

Do your leaders know what a win is in your ministry?

For me, this is how I can see if our leaders are “winning”:

They have a conversation about Jesus – All leaders are small group leaders. Did they have a conversation about Jesus? They should be. 

Follow up – When a new student came and was placed into their small group, did they follow up before the next service?

Wednesday +Did you interact in some way outside of Wednesday night throughout the week?

Simple. 3 wins. People can remember them and recite them back. Measurable.

Every good leader wants to know if they are winning and it’s our jobs to define what those wins are and communicate it to our teams.