As with most TV shows, there’s a lot of questionable content in Grey’s Anatomy. Still, I’ve been a loyal fan from the very start. The show certainly has had it ups and severe dips, but what I love about it is the friendships it portrays.

One of the strongest friendships is the one between Meredith and Christina. They meet as medical interns and bond like sisters, their friendship growing ever stronger over the years. Like girls are prone to do, they have their own rituals, their own language, and code words.

One of those expressions is this: “you’re my person”. It code for your emergency contact, the person you want people to call when there’s something wrong with you, but also the first person you want to tell things yourself. It’s the person you can confide everything in, that you trust blindly, the one you want to share the highlights and the deep valleys of your life with. For Meredith and Christina, they are each other’s ‘person’.

our person

Do you have a ‘person’? Do you have a best friend you can share everything with, including the not so pretty details of your life and your ministry?

Youth ministry can be very lonely and you need friends to pull you through when times get tough. You need a person.

If you don’t have one, invest in a friendship that has the potential to become special. Find someone you have that ‘click’ with and prioritize that friendship to it can and will grow. Also, don’t forget to put this at the top of your prayer list. Praying for good friends may seem kind of silly, but I know from experience it’s a prayer that God wants to answer.

I don’t regret moving to Germany with my family three years ago and I don’t regret packing up again now that we have the opportunity to move to upstate New York. But I do regret some of the costs, including friendships. I’ve lost my ‘persons’ and I do regret that. I’ve gotten kind of lonely, so I will be following my own advice and prayerfully find me some new friends. I need a ‘person’!