Too often youth workers focus forward – not an inherently bad trait, just one that leaves them open to making the same mistakes of the past. Understanding and appreciating the unique history of your youth group gives you perspective, appreciation and a deeper understanding of your role in the church’s mission.

There are many approaches to this discovery, but know it will take some work since most youth group’s best recording of history may simply be simply trudging through old posts on Instagram. Go as far and as deep as you can.

Some questions that may help guide your investigation through the past:

  • How long has the youth ministry been around?
  • Who started it and why?
  • Is there an existing strategy or purpose statement?
  • What life stage is the ministry in? Newborn? Adult? Retired?
  • What was the highlight of the past season of ministry?
  • Is there a track record of life change?
  • What is the expectation of the church leadership with you jumping on board the ministry?