QUESTION: How do I create a welcoming environment?

Some of the biggest desires that a teenager has are to be seen, to be known, and to belong. If you can create an environment that helps meet these needs, you’ll have a student that sticks around.

One of the most important elements of your youth group should be an at the door greeting. For a brand new student to be welcomed before they even set foot in the room is huge. Even though the greeting wasn’t incredibly personal, the greeting tells the new student that someone noticed them. Try to include some way of getting their contact information so that someone can follow up with them later in the week. A simple phone call or letter saying how excited we were to meet them means the world!

I would hate for our only interaction with a new student to just be an at the door greeting. We push our adult leaders and student leaders to be caring for new students or students that just aren’t connected yet. This means that they new student isn’t sitting by themselves all service and it means that there is someone at this church that knows their name, their school, what they like to do, etc. That connection is essential for creating community within your youth group.

Keep in mind that these new students are from all walks of life. Some are all in with Jesus and some have yet to meet him. When you are onstage make sure that they know, no matter what they are struggling with or what they believe, that they belong here in your ministry. Invite them to events, tell them about small groups, and invite them to camp. Let them know you want them there.

JG & Colton