This little kid was inspiring: You can’t see it (because I’m a bad picturist), but this little guy has more grin than face.

I was sitting in the stands, waiting for the Max and Marc’s football game to start. To my right were some kids complaining how bored they were, and to my left was this kid. He was having the time of his life.

There is NOTHING for little kids to do, but wait for the game to start. (I had a book, so I was set, in case you were wondering if i was bored)

This little boy wasn’t satisfied to sit and wait. He created his fun. He wasn’t waiting to be passively entertained, he made something happen. So maybe this picture isn’t as inspiring as Dead Poet’s Society. I wouldn’t really know because I never saw it.

What i have seen is students telling me they are bored with church. I’ve heard leaders say they aren’t challenged any more by their ministry (which is an adult-acceptably safe way of saying they are bored).

Ok. cool. Do something about it.

Complacency turns into complaints. Contentment trusts God that something great and amazing is about to happen. We just have to find it.