OK, I liked The Sentinel. It was pretty good, a solid C+. I enjoyed it, but the whole formula was tired, the whole plot was played out and the entire film was effortlessly predictable. The first 2/3rds of the film are enjoyable and really do draw you in, the end becomes as predictable and cliche as can be. Not impressed, but still enjoyed it. Besides, always good hanging with friends.

Here’s a few reasons why it is a strong AVERAGE film, if you’ve seen the film you’ll know what I’m talking about:

  • If all else fails threaten the mole’s family – he’ll give in instantly with that one. Yawn.
  • Stereotypical villian – no motivation but ruthless, incredibly intelligent and elloquent. Nah.
  • The Fugitive influences – except the fugitive is Michael Douglas instead of Harrison Ford. He’s ingenius, though we hardly see it (why did he buy WD40 and other assorted tomfoolery at the gas station? Would have been GREAT fun to see him go McGyver-old-school-SS agent against the good guys AND the bad guys).
  • Failed polygraph test – overacted completely. Would have been much more fun to see him confidently take the test and still fail. The only guy not to take the test is the bad guy. Argh.
  • The mole gets killed in the end – of course, as crime never pays.
  • The rookiee card gets played twice – she isn’t messed up by years of being on the job and then she doesn’t shoot Garrison when given a clear shot. Cliche. Boring.
  • Eva Longoria is completely unconvincing as a SS agent – she’s got 3 completely out of character scenes. Look for them: a) when she says “check” on the radio as she’s driving, b) responding to Keifer’s “10ft intervals” command in the mall and c) when she’s protecting the First Lady at the end of the film. I just don’t believe you.
  • Jack Bauer won’t take the shot? Come on!
  • Somehow two very important people can always evade the toughest security to exchange information. And then that vital information will come into play later. Always.

There’s more, but it’s late and I still want to catch the REAL 24 on TiVo from last night. Good diversion, average film. If you’ve seen The Negotiator, The Fugitive, Ransom or anything recent with Harrison Ford, you’ve seen this film.