A year before I left my full-time position (of 18 years) at Saddleback Church, I had the great privilege of helping build a multi-use building that would be the primary location of our youth ministry.

While I took the lead, there were many, many voices that weighed into the project. I got to do the easy work on napkins while the detailed, construction, and truly brilliant people made it come alive.

The building is now up for a GREEN award because we built it with an intention to be environmentally friendly.

Personally, winning the award does nothing for me, but it’s huge deal to my friends in the construction business. One of my good friends, Tim Loza, is really the genus behind this building and it would mean a lot for his business to win. Tim is also a long-time youth worker! He and his wife have hosted kids, run small groups, allowed us to borrow and sink their boat (yep, true story)…honestly, some of the finest people I know.

If you’ve got time, please cast a vote for The Refinery. Go HERE to see more photos and read the story of the Refinery. Or, just go HERE, search Refinery and vote (search for the graphic below).

Thanks a bunch for your help…it will mean a lot to my friends to win this award.