Teens are facing voices every day of their life. Some of these voices attack their image and integrity. It’s a lot to handle, especially with all the responsibility they have on their plates. This means that each week a few of them are walking into your ministry a little knocked down. You and your ministry need to know how to build them up. Here are a few step you can take:

  • Write Them A Note: One of the best ways to build up your students is with a note. Take a few minutes each week to write some of your teenagers a note. You do not have to write to every student, in fact it’s better if it’s random. Encourage them in their gifts, thank them for their presence or encourage them where they need to grow. A note is personal and will influence them greatly.
  • Greet Them At The Door: Nothing says, “So glad that you are here.” like greeting someone at the door. Make it a priority to place an adult (or even yourself) at the door each week saying hello to the students. It will break the tension and build them up to take on the world.
  • Brag To Their Parents: Parents need to know they are doing a great job and their kids aren’t going to always tell them. Call a parent and let them know the good that is happening. Encourage them to keep doing what they are doing. It’ll be the pep talk a parent needs to walk with their child through adolescence.
  • Put Them On The Pastor’s Radar: Let your pastor (and the rest of the staff) know who is shining in your ministry. Encourage your coworkers to recognize and build up your student leaders. This will help your teens feel like they are a part of the larger church. It’ll give them a feeling of ownership and in response many will raise up their level of leadership.
  • Invest In Them: Equip your teens like you would your volunteers. Give them books on personal growth. Take them to conferences. Sit down one on one with them over a meal. Get to know them and let them know that you want them to succeed. When a teen feels valued he or she will be motivated to give back.

Build up your teens and you’ll find the mood and morale of your ministry deepen. What you do inside your ministry will pour into their every day lives. Someone who feels loved is going to want to share that with others. Build up your teens and you’ll be building up the Kingdom.

How do you motivate or encourage teens in your ministry?