The good thing about the times right now is that is expediting things on our our ministry list that was somewhere on the list to the top of the list. One of those things is online presence.

One thing in ministry that I usually have done myself when it comes to control is social media. I care deeply about it because for students, it’s one of the biggest platforms and engagement platforms we have. In this season, our youth lead resident, Madison, has started to take over our social media and has but together a strategic and well thought our plan in order to increase that engagement.

We are going to begin the process of going through a re-brand of our look and feel for our ministry (which I am stoked about) and that will begin the slow process with our social media. Since it is the first look into our ministry for most students, we are going to be a little more intentional about our quality and intentional engagement.

She created a great plan with our creative team and our social media/marketing people and was able to pitch it to our team this week in our network meeting and I wanted to share it because I feel everyone (including me) wants to get better at engaging students online.

Below you will see the thoughts of why we are making these approach changes and the looks and feel for each day we are wanting to post. This is not what we are currently doing but we wanted to show our crew what direction we were going with examples of what type or look and feel we wanted and how we wee going to be more intentional about what we post, why we post and when we post.

We already stated doing it and we have seen some great engagement already. You can follow us on Instagram HERE.


Like I mentioned, this is in process and it’s probably going to be a month or two before we are fully operating on this plan with a new re-brand as well, but I love the interaction we have already gotten so I am excited to see where it goes.

I hope our walk through and look into our ministry in this area could be helpful.