Got this book as a gift for being a venue pastor at Saddleback this past year, and I was pretty excited to read it. Everyone was raving as they opened up the gifts and the concept of rest and sabbath is always a good conversation to have. Since I didn’t want this to end up ironically on the “I don’t have time to read” shelf, I dug in.

The book is pretty good – I honestly would recommend What Matters Most from Fields over on Simply Youth Ministry much more, that is a far quicker read and gets to the point a little faster – plus, it’s written specifically with youth workers in mind. The Rest of God does take into account the pressures of ministry and how often we collapse at the end of a weekend and eventually are forced to retire to escape the pressures anmd accumulation of day-to-day ministry. That I get, and the book if anything is encouraging in the pursuit of a balanced life that is continually in rest, peace and dependency on God.

All in all an important concept I appreciate, but not a book I’m going to be recommending like it was recommended to me. C+

And sorry I can’t give this away to one of the commenters on the post as I typically would – it has a nice message on the inside from the person who gifted it to me, so I need to keep this one. Maybe next time!