This weekend I was able to finish up Ministry Mutiny, a youth ministry fable from Greg Stier. I’ve read several business fables before, and love the style of writing and teaching. It’s kind of a right-brained way of getting some left-brained principles. The book follows that successful format.

This is easily Greg’s best writing so far. The story begins with a dissallusioned youth worker about to quit – in fact, he’s at the tail end of writing his resignation letter. He and his wife have been through the wringer, and he’s done. Man, I’ve been there before – what youth worker hasn’t been, right? Keep in mind Greg’s passion in life is evangelism, and the book skews that way directly. And although the story is a bit predictible and veteran youth worker mentor Tony is completely one-dimensional (a little too perfect, I wish he had a history of some sort), there’s plenty of great principles to be learned here.

The parts that hit me the most were about engaging parents to do the youth ministry, and we come along side of them. The importance of community also rises to the top, as well as stopping the search for the next youth ministry fad. Good stuff.

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