13549766This is a fun, squeaky clean read for teen girls that I can recommend. Emerson is a 16-year old girl who leads a pretty normal life, except for the fact that she has a weird gift: she can read the mind of anyone who kisses her. At first, that wasn’t much of a problem but when she declares ‘The Year of the Boy’, she discovers that her gift may come in handy. Kissing brainy boys helps her improve her grades, but it also results in a lot of complications. And when she meets Edwin who doesn’t fit the stereotype of ‘cool guy’, she becomes really conflicted. Will she bow to peer pressures or follow her own heart?

Kiss & Make Up (the debut novel of author Katie D. Anderson) is a light read, not to be taken too seriously, but just for a little fun and diversion. It contains no bad language, no sex (it does have some kisses in it, but of the lovely awkward kind), and no violence. If you wanted to talk about it with girls after they’ve read it, themes like peer pressure, honesty, and dong the right thing would be logical themes.