I’ve read everything Malcolm Gladwell has ever written. Seriously.

David and Goliath is another wonderful book in his short bibliography of books that once again takes what you think you know and completely flips it upside down. He sheds all sorts of light on the biblical account of the infamous underdog story and weaves in another dozen stories from history to encourage us to see our problems differently. Perhaps the giants we face aren’t that strong after all and the underdog actually has quite an advantage. Perhaps the problem or disability is actually making us strong and better, more prepared for the battles that lie ahead. This book sheds light on these fascinating ideas.

There’s one unexpected chapter on learning disabilities that struck a particular chord with me. Having our son facing some legitimate challenges in his development both academically and socially it was refreshing to be able to see the potential for these challenges creating a strength and potential that would have never been unlocked without the pressure and problems in his life. It really helped me look at my son differently all day today.

In short, this is another fantastic book of Gladwell’s you shouldn’t miss. Think you know the story of David and Goliath? There’s a ton you don’t know and even more perspective you’ll gain after reading this one. Right up there with the best of his books!