This post is a result of a lunch meeting that I had yesterday with two very fun, cool, sharp youth workers (Terrace Crawford & Michael Bayne). We talked life, marriage, youth ministry, strategy, trends, and blogging. When we got to the topic of blogging, Michael said, “I’d like to know some of the behind the scenes stuff that no one else knows.”

My response was, “Really!?”

So, as I sit in the United Lounge preparing to fly, I thought I’d make this post in honor of Michael.

Here’s the behind the scenes day-in-the-life-of-Doug Fields…today.

Woke up late (8:30am)…got to bed late (1am) after a great night with two other couples who are planting a church. Cathy and I are helping them and it’s really exciting.

Reading: since the house was quiet and I didn’t have to race, I got to read (Connecting with God: a spiritual formation guide)

9:30 phone appointment with John (a family pastor in Kansas City) to talk about me speaking at his church Sunday November 6th and doing a parent seminar on the night of the 7th. We talked about his needs, the demographic of the church, and how to best promote the seminar. It was a great conversation and I got really excited to speak there.

10:30 I went to Kinkos to buy a small binder for my Understanding Your Teenager notes. I had to 3-hole punch them and I did it wrong and had to re-print 50 pages of notes. I was frustrated that I wasted time and money because I was quick to punch the notes and slow to look at the alignment of the holes.

10:50 I went to my favorite gas station/Mexican food restaurant and had a late breakfast and sorted all the stuff in my backpack to make sure I had everything I needed for my trip today. I sorted things into file folders and thought, “Gosh, I wish I had a personal assistant.” After 29 years working in the church (with lots of help), I live in “get to” piles and it emphasizes my lack or organization skills.

11:30 I filled up my car, made a call to a college-age friend and offered him $50 to pick me up at LAX at midnight tomorrow night. He agreed! My wife will be thrilled.

11:45 deposited some checks–always a highlight of my week.

12:15 arrived at home to pack, eat donuts with Cathy & Torie, and print out my sermon for tomorrow.

1:00 phone conversation with the head of practical theology at APU to discuss our class on Tuesday (that we’re team teaching).

1:30 leave for the airport, talk to Cathy about a date where we can sneak away, make a list of a few things I forgot to do before I left.

2:00 went thru security, went into the United Club (which was a gift from a good friend of mine–a year free–very nice gift).

2:10 write this post while thinking, “I’m not sure I really like Michael Bayne now that I’m doing this…how boring.”

2:35 board my flight. Complimentary upgrade to first class (thanks for flying 100,000 miles a year).

3:00 depart to San Francisco

4:30 départ San Francisco to Kansas City

9:50 arrive in Kansas City and immediately try to find a place where they are showing tonight’s UFC.

11:00pm review my notes, iron my pants, call the family, go to bed.

There it is. What a day. Pretty exciting huh?

Doubtful if there will be a part 2.

Michael…you better leave a comment.