I’m not teaching the entire month of August in our youth ministry. Crazy, right? Here’s why:

I’m saving myself for the key times in our ministry
I am not an overflowing, limitless supply of energy and passion. I do run at high levels of both of those things – but only because I take time to stop and be refreshed. We just got back from a short vacation with friends and are about to do a little family road trip, too. I need to be gone and off so I can be even been when I’m here and on.

I want to develop other teaching voices
One of the most exciting parts about me NOT speaking is to give someone else the opportunity TO speak. Too many youth workers hold onto their platforms with white knuckles and are paranoid that losing the platform will cost them their position. Giving yourself a break gives you a chance to cheer them on from the front row and coach potential speakers to improve their serve.

Students learn differently
Two people can say the exact same thing and the impact on teenagers can be completely different. Styles matter, different ages and genders matter. Different perspectives will help your students learn and grow far beyond your perspective, too.

How can you adjust your plan to give others a chance to speak?