Busy from 8AM until 10PM today! I don’t like them at all. Argh. Worked on SYM and PDYM tasks for most of the day, and especially hit on new product images on the estore and Feedburning the podcast feed. FINALLY we’ll have stats on that thing.

After the venue lunch Jason managed to stomp me in darts as he is eager to recount on his blog, but I managed to take him 3-2 in some fierce racqetball to make up for it later that afternoon. Had a great “design team” meeting with Wildside tonight, where we planned the future series called “Back to School Sale” and all of the creative elements that would go into it. Very cool stuff coming from Kurt and the team. Then off to the Adam Watts premiere concert tonight on campus to plug the Passion venue for the 20-and-30 somethings, then home with the kids and a quick blog post.

No margin today. Yuck.