Want to help us at the DYM booth?
If you’re going to one of YS’ NYWC’s in either Sacramento or Atlanta… would you consider helping us? Last year, it was member testimonies that most influenced others to join the DYM team! We’d love for you to join the “DYM Team” and help other youth workers win at NWYC! If you’re slightly interested… read on:

What will I be doing?
It’s easy! Just pick a time slot (or multiple time slots) and hang out in the DYM booth. When someone asks, “So what is DYM?” you simply go to town and show them how you use the membership and why it’s the “Greatest Deal in the History of Youth Ministry.”

What’s in it for me?
We promise you* (1) eternal security, (2) God will love you more, (3) an awesome T-shirt (see above), (4) get to hang out with the DYM team, and experience the joy of helping other youth workers jump on board the DYM Membership train! [*Only two of the four can be verified.]