We want our students to invite their friends to church right? Right. Is there anything wrong with that? I don’t think so. Are we doing what they should be doing? Maybe. Why do I ask that? I’m not sure. The other day some co-workers and I got to talking about the idea of having our students invite their friends to church so they can hear the Gospel of Jesus be taught to them versus training our students to know the Gospel of Jesus and tell their friends about Him.

The question that kept coming to my mind was, “Are we creating lazy disciples?”

Obviously, there is a win on both ends. I think it is really important to have a place where students feel comfortable to invite students to church that is a welcoming place. I also feel it’s important for that place to preach the Gospel so students can come and be introduced to Jesus. But what I wrestle with is when tell students to invite their friends to church and there is no incentive for them to explain to their friends about Jesus because they know we (staff/volunteers) will do it for them.

Where is this balance? Where is the line? How can we help our students not only invite students to come to church on a weekend/midweek but also help them be equipped to share how God has moved in their lives when opportunities come up at school when church is days away?

I know there is no formula for this. If there was, I would be weary of it anyways. I know different ministries have different tactics/reasons for doing what they do, but I think the question is worth asking… “Are we creating lazy disciples?”

How can we better equip our students to share the Gospel? How do you balance it? What have you seen work in your ministry?


I know one of the things we tried this year was our “Be A Bringer” curriculum and “Go” weekend series. Check out the bundle HERE.