I have sat down for the last week trying to write something on this dang blog and nothing has come out. I am sure there is not one youth worker reading this who did not think the last year and half of ministry has been some of the toughest yet, and it’s no different here. As this summer we started to get “back into normalcy” I will not lie to you… this summer was tougher.

So I am still processing, this is all I can muster up right now. Maybe you feel this too.

Dear Summer,

I was so thankful that you allowed us to be back and start doing things that we love doing. Meeting in groups. Outside hangs. Corporate worship. Summer camp etc. But I am glad you are over. Summer became a highlight of all the great things about our ministry and it also was a big red pen to the things we need to work on. Summer camp was amazing…. But also the worst. Best in the fact students were passionate about the Lord and seeking you and coming to the Lord but also I have never seen so much brokenness in one place. This last year did a number on our youth and families and it all came out. While I am glad it came out in a place where students felt safe and we are able to take the right steps, I have never had as many CPS calls, conversations with parents, home sickness, disrespect, anxiety, hurt, depression, suicidal thoughts and doubts about faith.

You wrecked our team in both good and bad ways. Glad you are over and glad to track into this new school year with refreshed vision and hope of Jesus. This last year was building our core. If this much hurt was from within the house, I can’t imagine as schools and friends are back how much more there is.

So bon voyage summer. Won’t miss you this year.

Thank you Jesus for new beginnings.

The best is yet to come.

Cheesy? Maybe. How I feel? 100%.

I believe it.

The best is yet to come.