This last weekend was “Move Up” weekend. It is the weekend in which all of the new freshmen came into HSM for the very first time. Everyone at this point is now considered the grade in which they are attending school in the fall. So we have new freshmen all the way to new seniors. It is a very fun and exciting weekend, that is for sure.

What we usually do is have our staff share one thing they wish they knew as a freshmen in high school now that we can look back on those important years. There is a panel of speakers who each give one point and a verse to go along with it. Having speaker after speaker can get a little routine so a good way to break up the service is to throw a point via video. It switches things up, keeps things fresh, students are glued to the screen. It’s a god call all the way around. This also allows you to split up your panel. You can 3 people up first, give their points, throw up the video and while that is going, set up the next batch of people. It’s pretty easy and it always looks better than having a thousand people on stage or people shuffling on or off.

The above video is one I had the pleasure of doing. It’s simple, but for this type of thing, it’s just what you need. It’s a great element to add to any service.