So Andy and I were messing around with the people at the ticketing counter at John Wayne yesterday, and happened to mention to the agent that we would love an upgrade to first class.

After lots of banter and a very rude supervisor, and at least getting something (a non-stop to Seattle), we felt like all hope was lost for the free upgrade to the big league. Upon further review, as we sat in 12C and 12D, the sympathetic agent actually boarded the plan and assisted the two yahoos to first class on the American Airlines flight. That’s right, those yahoos were Andy and I.

She was a Fred (see my book review from earlier today).

Amazing! Did you know the seats in 1st class recline to something approximately as comfortable as a year-old futon? And the beverages come fast, furious and FREE? Don’t get me started on the butter pretzels! Even the conversation in first class is better! I sat next to a guy from Microsoft and the guy next to Andy owned like a billion-dollar matress pad company. That guy was on a personal mission to visit every country in the world, and I’d be happy just to try every drink at Starbucks before I die.

Thanks for making my very first 1st class flight amazing, stranger lady.

I don’t even know her name – but I guarantee I’ll find it out, send her something AND fly on American again soon. So great. Did you know that the seats are as big as a small love seat? Did you know you’re assigned 1 stewardess for every 12 passengers? Did you know they bake a fresh cookie (double-chocolate) when you take off? Ah, the little luxuries of life that have avoided me for so long. My body was made for first class, the buffet has no mercy.

I’ll probably never be able to fly up front again, but I’m very excited for my first time last night. What a great experience!