On Feb 7 and 8, the Youth Cartel is once again hosting Open Boston. For the first time, they’ve added a pre-conference intensive to the program for those who want to get even more money’s worth out of their 25 bucks for the entire conference.

Since I just moved from Germany to upstate New York, I will be attending and I’m very excited to be there! If you’re a youth worker from the northeast of the US, check out these 10 reasons why you should come to Open Boston:

  1. You get to hang out with dozens of other youth ministry folks from the northeast and exchange war stories
  2. You can compare who had the most snow this winter so far and who got the record low temperature
  3. You can listen to from-the-trenches stories and experiences from youth workers just like you that will inspire and encourage you
  4. You can hear Marko share his phenomenal knowledge on teenage brains in a unique preconference intensive
  5. You can actually meet me and even sit in on my preconference intensive on preaching in post-Christian contexts
  6. You have the unique opportunity to get lost in Boston. Well, maybe not so unique, but still fun, right?
  7. You get an amazing freebie…I know what it is and I’m not telling!

Check out all the info on the Open Boston Site and just register yourself right away while you’re at it 🙂 The whole conference is just 25 dollars, including the pre-conference day!