Everyone assumes certain things at times. As a small group leader and ministry leader I also fall into the trap of assuming some things and it usually ends up hurting me more than helping me. I want to share 5 assumptions small group leaders need to stop making about leading their group and I know we will see some healthier, happier, growing groups.

I can wing it- I know we are all busy but when it comes to prepping for your small group session we owe it to our students (and ourselves) to come in with something prepared. I’m sure all of us are all awesome and gifted preachers and teachers but if we assume we can just wing it all of the time, we are really missing out. All meetings should at least have some sort of outline, plan, or at least some thought going into before. I think as a must, just to spend a few minutes during the day in prayer for the group time. Each meeting can be powerful and God can move but we can’t always go in blindfolded hoping something will happen. Curriculum is your friend.

My students will know what’s going on – Let’s be honest, they don’t. That’s why you have to send them a text every afternoon of the day you are meeting for group because if you didn’t remind them they wouldn’t come. We can’t assume students know about group info, meetings, events and everything that is going on. I have come to find out that students have become busier than I am… it’s weird. Over communicate, trust me, you’re not bugging because they need to be reminded.

Their parents will know what’s going on – Let’s be honest, they don’t. We can’t assume that everything we tell our students in group make it home to their parents. That’s why most event sign ups happen the last week before the deadline. Over, over communicate with your parents in the group. I send out a monthly email to all the parents in my group to let them know what’s going on in our group, in our ministry and any events that are coming up. I know they really appreciate it and they never complain to know what’s going on.

Students don’t want to hang out with me outside of group – You would be surprised about how much your students do want to hang out with their leaders more. They assume since you are the adult you don’t have time. Since they are a student we assume they do not want to. Let’s stop making this assumption and just throw it out there. See if they want to get food with you not on a group or service night. See if they want to see a movie. Ask if they want to run errands with you. You will be surprised by how much they will want to keep you company.

I don’t need to be in a small group – I go to church and I lead a small group, I do not need to be in one myself. I’m too busy. Big “no-no”. Leaders need to lead by example. Students will copy our actions, they will do what we do. It’s important for us to be in a group ourselves that we are not leading, where we are being poured into and being in the same community we strongly encourage them to be a part of as well.

What are some other deadly assumptions we make?