We’re just about to close out our small group year – Life Groups end for the summer in our youth ministry and we take time to evaluate and make sure we hit the target over the past school year.

When we kickoff the year, we want students to expect these 4 things from a small group:

1. Community::: Eight to ten fellow believers of the same gender who encourage, challenge, and pray for one another.

2. Bible Study::: At small groups, studies go more in-depth than the messages at weekend worship services, giving your son or daughter a wider understanding of God’s word.

3. A Spiritual Mentor::: A loving adult leader from our ministry who, in addition to leading Bible study and discussion, will mentor your son or daughter and promote spiritual growth.

4. Fellowship::: It’s easy for students to feel lost in the crowd during weekend services. Small groups slice the weekend attendance and provide a more intimate environment for students, paving the way for deep friendships.

So how did we do? We’re going to take some time talking to students and leaders here at the end of the year and find out, then make necessary adjustments to do even better next year!