///37 Sermon Series Topic Ideas

37 Sermon Series Topic Ideas

Sometimes an idea for a sermon series just comes to me, so I quickly write them down in my notebook. Who knows if they will ever be used in our ministry, but hopefully by me sharing what I have thought of and seen, maybe they can spark something in another ministry in order to be used to spread Jesus to students. Let the brain begin to work!

  • False God
  • Hello, My Name is… Jesus
  • The Walking Dead
  • Impossible God (God works in impossibles)
  • Crosswords
  • UnChristian (based off the book)
  • Explicit
  • Love Out Loud
  • Old School (Old Testament Stories)
  • Real House Wives of the Bible
  • Dialoge vs. Monologe (prayer)
  • In It For the Prophets
  • Try Me
  • Prisoner, Pioneer, Preacher (Paul)
  • (Un)Comfort Zone
  • Scale The Walls
  • The Forum (Asking Questions)
  • Sit Down, Stand Up, Step Out
  • Lamb, Lion, Lord
  • Moments (God speaks in moments)
  • Thou Shalt…
  • Reputation: Not Just Yours Is One the Line
  • Secrets
  • I Have Never…
  • Tamed Temptation
  • Can God Really?
  • House of Prayer
  • Pawn Stars (Jesus wants more than collateral)
  • Seeds
  • Keeping It Real
  • Broken Yet Beautiful
  • Too Close For Comfort (Closer to God you become, the more uncofortable we are called to be)
  • Prayer Is…
  • Handle What’s Handling You
  • Clay, Potter, Masterpiece
  • Free At Last
  • Spiritual Shipwreck

If this sparks something for your ministry, let me know! I would love to hear what did with it!

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