3 Tools to Maximize Your Large Group ProgramAt DYM, we understand that creating impactful programs takes a bit more time and effort than you have to give on a typical week. SO we wanted to highlight 3 youth worker favorites that will help you create an impactful, fun and memorable program as soon as next week.

And here they are: 

1. The 10-Minute Rule


The reason we have programs is so we can gather PEOPLE together… it’s so easy to miss that in the details of preparation and last minute demands. Sometimes the most crucial youth ministry moments happen just BEFORE the program begins and AFTER it ends.

In this 10 minute video training by Josh Griffin, shares a few nuggets of wisdom on how leaders can identify and leverage these moments to have important conversations that could potentially have more impact than the program itself.

Ten minutes could be exactly what a student needed that day to feel accepted and known.  Check it out!

2. The Shell Game


What good the message of the gospel without any F-U-N? (we said very sarcastically!)

But seriously, we believe that laughter and fun can lead to vulnerability and eventually life change in a student’s life — and THAT’S why we believe in games… more specifically, awesome games!

With this game we have just brought the most entertaining part of any professional baseball game straight to your youth room “megatron” to play with your students! (“kiss cam” game coming soon!)

It’s called The Shell Game. Based on the classic shell game, players will try to determine which shell the object is under after the shells are shuffled. Immediately after the shuffling, the player will have 5 seconds to lock in their answer.  Great for both large group and stage games!

We’ve changed it up a bit and give you the option to choose from three different variations:

1) Shells and a pea (the traditional way)

2) Red cups and a ball (the party way)

3) Chickens and an egg (because, seriously, which one came first?)

Check it out! 

3. “What If” Video


We live in a day and age where the negativity we read while scrolling through our newsfeeds is enough to tempt even the strongest believers to feel helpless and lose faith in humanity and the world.

In our “What If” video, we encourage your students to refocus their attention on the positive changes they can facilitate in today’s world through their faith. Check it out!

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