Summer is near.  The weather is getting warmer, students are begining to check out of school and you notice all the events you’ve planned are getting sooner.  Doesn’t matter if you’ve been in ministry a few months or several years, you know it’s going to fly by.

While summer is a great time to change things up with your ministry, it can also be a missed opportunity if you don’t develop a plan.  That means creating a calendar where you:


Summer is going to fly by and there is nothing worst than heading into the last couple of weeks of it wondering, “Am I prepared?”  Get ahead of the game by making sure that you have tangible and achievable goals ahead of you.  Make them a priority and share them with people who will hold you accountable.  

By having goals set for the fall you will be able to develop a solid plan without wearing yourself out.  It’ll be the path you can go back to when things get a little out of control and you’ll find yourself having a more productive summer.


Summer is a great time to spend with the students; however, it’s especially a great time to invest in leaders.  While you can be spontaneous it’s a better idea to plan these moments ahead of time.  On top of being intentional consider being creative as well.  A few ways you can invest in leaders is by:

  • Taking them to a ballgame.
  • Going to opening night of a summer blockbuster film.
  • Planning a hike or an outdoors adventure.
  • Traveling to a city or major tourist attraction.

Regardless of what you choose make sure there is time to debrief, chat and enjoy the moment.  By creating memories you’ll be able to build relationships that will pay divendends in the year ahead.


Unfortuantely, summer doesn’t always equal margin.  In fact it can get busy; however, there will be moments when you should take the time to grow.  A few ways to grow is by:

  • Reading a book on vacation.
  • Trying a new way of praying.
  • Taking a summer course in a field not directly tied to ministry (i.e. communications and marketing)
  • Attending a retreat or camp of your own.

Make sure you spend time this summer investing in yourself.  Set goals with which books you want to read and sign up for those opportunities as soon as possible. 

Don’t let summer escape you, get in front of it by putting together a comprehensive calendar.  Make sure you are not only investing in the next generation but yourself.  By putting everything down you’ll have a solid plan that will set you up for another solid fall.

What do you plan out on your summer calendar to set yourself up for the fall?