Relational youth ministry is what we strive for in our high school ministry – and here are 3 things that relational youth ministry says from leader to student:

“I care.”
Simply put – when you take a step to connect with a student it shows how much you care. In a teenage world of too-busy parents, virtual friendships and fast-paced relationships, your efforts to develop a relationship with them shows how deeply you care for them. Every minute you spend with them, every text you send, every time you show up – speak volumes without a spoken word.

“You matter to me.”
A small group is a fraction of the whole ministry – but your students are loved and cared for – and known. When they walk into a church service, like you, they are one of many. When they walk into a home, they are greeted and loved by name – because they matter.

“I’m proud of you.”
Some of the most powerful words you can say to a student is, “I’m proud of you.” Someone other than their parent taking a genuine interest in their life can give them confidence like never before. A sense of belief, not just in themselves, but from someone else can be empowering – even life-changing – for a student. You breathe these words every time you build a relationship with them.

What else does it say to your students?