In my current role, I am constantly learning how to lead better (probably should be a goal for anyone in ministry really) but I have been focusing a ton on how to lead a team, volunteers, students better. Many people only focus on their ministry, which is great, but I think as ministers of the church we should be on the lookout to try to lead our ministries, talk with others about theirs, give and receive feedback, and open dialogue with your supervisors to make the whole church better. I’m sure these are nothing new. Everyone has heard these and/or thought it or experienced it but it’s something I have either heard or experienced myself or with others I do ministry with.

In all honesty, if these things are said by you it could be the indication of a weak/insecure leader and could stunt growth if we are not careful:

It’s not my job – I have a job. It’s to oversee jr. high and high school at my church. It’s a fun job and a tough job, but I serve the church as a whole. I can easily walk around on a weekend (because I have no responsibilities besides being available because our services are midweek) and see something that needs to be fixed and just think, “It’s not my job.” How do I know it is easy? Because I have done it. I have been trying to be a leader who cares about the church as a whole so whether the trash needs to be taken out because it’s overflowing or jumping on cameras because a volunteer couldn’t make it, it’s our job to provide a great service and atmosphere for people to come to learn about God. Don’t just worry about your ministry, leaders care for the whole organization and want to make it better, always.

It’s the way we have always done it – Just because you do not know it’s broken, doesn’t mean it isn’t. I can see how sometimes in ministry getting in a routine can happen. Things work and because they work we keep doing them but then over time, we think they still work when in reality, it does not. We tend to become the ones who are most blind because we helped start it and a part of us does not want to see it die. We need to step out of the way sometimes and allow God to move and open our hearts to what God has called our ministries to do rather than doing what WE feel we should do.

My way is the way – I know I have good ideas. But I know I don’t have the best ideas. Weak leaders are arrogant ones, thinking their way is the best way. In all honesty, sometimes it might be the best way but being humble enough to be open for critique or change makes all of the difference. I know when I open ideas up to our team, good ideas become the best ideas.

I know I need to grow in leadership. I want to grow. There are things I am constantly learning, adjusting and implementing. I pray I can stick to my own words and not fall into these mentioned above.