Since Matt McGill has not posted something in a while here on DYM, I feel obligated to let others know just how smart the guy is. The other day a few of us went to lunch with Matt to pick his brain about how he writes curriculum. If you didn’t know, Matt is one of the best (in my opinion and hope you don’t mind me sharing this awesome insight) at writing and coming up with effective curriculum for students. We asked him a few things and he gave us some great thoughts and processes to how he thinks and goes about writing curriculum.

One of the best things he shared I feel like it’s too good not to share with all of you who write their own curriculum.

The question was: What is your goal with curriculum?

Matt’s answer: I want them to engage Scripture. There are 3 different things I want them to think about while going through a passage. Have them read the passage twice. Have them make notes of…

  • What confuses them.
  • What encourages them.
  • What convicts them.

Then get to the questions. But half the time you won’t make it to the questions because students will be discussing those 3 concepts for the majority of the group night. If we can get them thinking critically with Scripture, they will learn and grow in it.

Short, sweet and to the point. I think those 3 questions when it comes to students interacting with the Bible are huge and if we can get students to think in those ways, I know our students will be able to pull some great truths and apply it to their lives as they go through Scripture.

Let’s give Matt a big thanks for this insight. Grateful for him and the time we got to spend with him talking ministry.


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