In between all the camps and vacations, most of us take the summer to evaluate, change and improve the ministries we lead. While looking at content and reconfiguring your systems are key, it’s also important to take things up a notch with your volunteers.

That’s right, summer is a great time to challenge your team to step up to a new level. It’s an opportunity to expand your capacity as a leader and hit new goals. So, how do you challenge your team? Here are three you can give to your team this summer:

CHALLENGE NUMBER 1: Recruit At Least 3 People

For some of your leaders recruiting one person is a challenge. Give them insight on best practices like:

  • Inviting someone out for a cup of coffee.
  • Encouraging them to visit the ministry.
  • Hosting their own gathering of current volunteers and inviting their potential recruits to join.

By challenging your team to recruit leaders you are not only expanding your capacity but discovering new ways of reaching new leaders. Before you set them loose, make sure you give them an idea of the characteristics and expectations you are looking for in a volunteer.

CHALLENGE NUMBER 2: Read A Leadership/Ministry Book And Share It With You

Most people have a summer reading list, but take this season to encourage your team to add one about leadership or ministry. Have them not only read it but share with you what they’ve learned.

If you want to make this more of a team building opportunity find a book you can read together and meet on to discuss. Reading the same book will offer different perspectives on the same content which will challenge you.

CHALLENGE NUMBER 3: Develop An Idea To Improve One Area Of The Ministry

I’m willing to bet most of your team has an idea on how to improve your ministry. Instead of having them vet everything by you give them free reign. Tell them to:

  1. Propose the idea.
  2. Develop a plan of how they will get there.
  3. Build out a time line of how long it will take.
  4. Compile a list of resources needed to reach this goal.

An opportunity like this will involve risk; however, it can also lead to huge growth. It’s a reminder that you don’t have to do everything and you will communicate to your team, “This is your ministry too.”


Summer doesn’t sound like the time to challenge your team, but then again you can make it fun. Empower them with the vision of where you want to go, raise the bar and watch them meet it.

How are you challenging your team this summer?