I’m constantly learning. I know we all hear the saying, “All leaders are learners… etc.” I believe this to be true because as I find out as I am growing as a leader of a ministry, of people and of students I am finding out new things about myself all of the time. Lately, I feel I have been wrestling with two questions, in which if I am honest with you I am still trying to find the answers to and what works best for me as the leader. I thought I would share them with you as well so you can begin to ask the same ones and who knows, maybe you will learn something as well.

The two questions are:

How am I leading myself?

I know I can only take people as far as I have been. This is in all aspects of life and ministry. One of the best things we can do as leaders is lead ourselves and make sure we are spiritually healthy, relationally healthy and have people speaking truth and love into us. Be a healthy leader in every aspect and you should have a healthy team and ministry.

How am I being effective with the time I have with the people I have?

I don’t know about you but I have a lot of meetings. I could be a meeting with my supervisor, other pastors, with volunteers and students. Not only do I have meetings but I have a team (all who need some sort of time) and basic office things to do, as well as come up with a message every week. I have noticed that my time was not structured really well and I would have a lot of time but not getting much done. It was not until I was aware of it and started asking this question before I started to get a real hold of my schedule, what I need, who I need to meet with and get it all done so I can go home to my wife without bringing it all home to her, and started to become more effective and efficient with my time.

These two questions have helped me forward in many areas in life and ministry and maybe they can for you as well.