Since this is the season for giving we wanted to give you a chance to get some free, top notch downloads from us here at DYM. If you didn’t already know, we started the Download Youth Ministry Community on Facebook. We want this to be a place where DYM users can go and be in community with one another, seek/give insights from other youth workers, and have it be a safe place to talk youth ministry related things. It gives you chance to see what other pastors are doing, how they are using DYM products and interact with our DYM authors. 

We want this community online to grow! So we are giving you a chance to join it and get others in it. So for the next two weeks we want you to get as many people in the group (other youth workers you know need to be in this group) as possible. If we reach the goal of getting over 1,000 youth workers before the New Year, we will give you a link to download some great resources from the site.

And let me tell you, they are not just throw away products. They will be well worth your while. If we did our math right it’s somewhere between $3 or $35, we can’t remember. But based how cheap our stuff is, it’s a lot. 

So, to be clear:

  • You yourself join the Facebook Group.
  • Add all of your youth worker friends who are not in it.
  • If we reach over 1,000 people (mind you, they have to be youth workers, no random people to make the people count) by the end of the year, you all get free stuff.

Get going!


DYM Team