I did a workshop for the Student Leadership Conference this summer and had a ton of fun challenging students to be student leaders online as well as in the real world. I started off with 10 quick ways they could be student leaders on social media and then asked them for 5 of their own. I’ll post some of their responses next week, but thought I would give you my top 10 in case you wanted to build a training for your students or drop it into your next parent newsletter:

1 – share your faith online – does a quick scan of your profile reveal your faith?
2 – modest is hottest – what do your pictures say about you?
3 – watch what you “like” – do an inventory of your likes
4 – remember your future employer will see this – your college admissions office will, too
5 – beware of fear of missing out syndrome – FOMO terrorizes sudents
6 – know who you follow – because they have access to everything
7 – be present and in the moment – be able to turn it off, too
8 – block, report, thumbs down and flag – use the tools that the community provides
9 – don’t put yourself at risk – be careful of routines and remember #latergram is your friend
10 – only follow the good stuff – filter everything all of the time!

What would you add to the list? You can check out DYM’s great student leadership resources right here, too!