30 years ago today (Sept. 1, 1981) I was an 18 year-old, college freshman who started his first day at work. I was hired to work on a youth ministry team as an intern at South Coast Community Church (now called Mariners’ Church).

Today, my 22 year old daughter (Torie) begins her first (post college) job. Guess where? Yep, Mariners’ Church. 30 years later another Fields’ debuts in a youth ministry experience. How fun is that?

Here’s 10 reasons I’m thrilled that my daughter is in youth ministry:

1. I’m thrilled that she will have incredible impact on young lives.

2. I’m thrilled that she will learn youth ministry from one of my best friends on the planet—Matt McGill. He’s a great thinker, he knows youth ministry, he’s fun, and he will be able to build on Torie’s strengths and help her in her weaknesses. There are also amazing, veteran women leaders on their youth ministry team who have so much to pass on.

3. I’m thrilled my daughter loves the church (big “C” and little “c”).

4. I’m thrilled that she’ll have a job that Cathy and I know something about (as opposed to fashion) and we’ll share in rich conversations.

5. I’m thrilled that she will get to use her gifts in a way that will bring glory to God.

6. I’m thrilled that she’ll develop new gifts. I’m so excited to see new areas of her life flourish.

7. I’m thrilled that she’ll be put in situations that will stretch her faith and increase her dependence on God’s power.

8. I’m thrilled for the people that she’ll meet.

9. I’m thrilled for the incredible leaders at Mariners that will rub off on her.

10. I’m thrilled for the time she’ll be spending in God’s Word and thinking about how to communicate to teenagers.

Obviously, I’m thrilled!

For those with younger kids, hang in there, cherish your family time, put them before your ministry, and prepare to be amazed at what God can and will do in their life.

If you’re interested, Torie and I will be doing a seminar at the Youth Specialties National Youth Worker’s Convention on “Raising Kids in Ministry.” And, Cathy and I are doing a couple of seminars on “Ministry and Marriage.”

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Question: What’s your current prayer for your children?