At the Orange Conference this year Josh and I started a hashtag based on his workshop he was teaching for the conference.

The hashtag: #ymhacks

Super simple, super easy, and it has been so fun. Some people have jumped on the hashtag to share youth ministry hacks they have discovered in order to help them do ministry better and it has been awesome to see how people have been hacking youth ministry.

Obviously, with 142 characters you can’t get into details but people have been giving general principles and there has been some gold nuggets of wisdom on there.

Head over to the page HERE

Let me just share a few:

I love this. Youth workers sharing their hacks so we all can get better at what we do. We would love for you to add to the conversation and add your hacks in your leadership, creativity and ministry to the list.

Side note: My buddy and I started a podcast on this idea specifically. It’s called The Other Student Ministry Podcast: Chatting Through Leadership/Creativity/Life Hacks In Student Ministry (found on iTunes or Google Play). Excited to be in this area with the great DYMPodcast and excited to see what comes out of it. We hope you can join us.