I am involved in one of the most exciting projects that I’ve done in a long time. I’ve filmed a 7-minute parenting video called, Raising Kids in a Crazy Culture.

It’s not your typical “Christian” video—as I think you’ll be able to tell. The people who are financing this project hired a Hollywood type film crew. It’s been well produced! One of the goals of this type of parenting-help video is to deliver the training to a parent’s mobile device.

The pilot is below:

Raising Kids In a Crazy Culture…The 5c’s from Canterbury Partners on Vimeo.

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I’m asking 2-things of anyone who would be gracious enough to help.

1. Watch the video.
2. Take 1 minute to fill-out the multiple choice questionnaire… click here.

Grateful for your help. It’s amazing how much power this blog audience has. Your votes changed a publisher’s mind on a book cover and the folks paying for this video want your input.

Also, if you can, please share this link with some parents you know and see if they’re participate.

I’m grateful for your participation in this project,