A lot of people get ticked off when their ideas are ripped off.

I don’t. Actually, for most of my ministry career I’ve encouraged youth workers to take my stuff and use it as their own. I don’t think it’s a good idea to copy someone’s material every week so you don’t have to develop your “create muscle”…but, occasionally I think “copying” is a good idea.

We all need help! Good ideas inspire us. I’m all for copying people’s stuff… with a few “rules.”

1. don’t claim it as your own.
2. don’t publish it.
3. don’t sell it.

Take an idea…adapt it…make it your own…give credit…where credit it due.

Here’s a creative “camp rules” video my friend Matt McGill made for his youth group.

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It’s good, it’s funny, it’s an easy idea to rip off. And that’s exactly what this “creative” youth worker did (see below). Personally, I think Matt’s video is better quality, but I love what this guy added at the end–it was creative and funny. I appreciate that this youth worker admitted that he ripped off the idea (he wrote in YouTube description: “Basically we ripped off Jake Rutenbar for the Ski Rally Announcements.” Although: note to youth worker–it was Matt McGill, not Jake Rutenbar–but, Jake is a lot funnier and more creative than Matt–so, I understand your confusion).

Check it out:

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Not everyone agrees with me on the “essence of creativity is the ability to copy and adapt”…what do you think? Share your thoughts here.

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