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Do you have to have it all together to mentor? What does that even mean? Nobody has it all together, even Paul…So that means, wait for it…YOU QUALIFY! Not only that but you have teenagers who qualify to mentor.

Mentoring is something that takes place in the course of life. Not after you have passed a test but as you go along.

Teen-to-teen mentoring

Teenagers have so much to give and yet need so much. By allowing your older teens to mentor younger teens, you are allowing growth to multiply. When your older teens spend time praying for and preparing for an hour (or so) with a younger teen, they are growing in Christ! They don’t know it all but neither do you! By spending a little time each week with a group of older high schoolers, you are multiplying your efforts. They can, in turn, spend time with younger students and challenge, motivate and encourage them to live for Jesus.

Teen-to-teen mentoring is a simple program that allows high school teens to challenge, affirm, look at scripture, and pray together. It doesn’t take that long for your high school students. It is a 30 minute meeting weekly with you the other mentors and then 45 minutes to an hour with a younger student. The meeting time and place can be determined by the students so they can mold it around their schedule.

Why don’t you allow some of your older youth to mentor some of your younger youth and watch how both sets grow in their relationship to Christ. They don’t have to be teaching controversial truths about the second coming or political parties, but can walk with their younger friends as they learn to get along with their parents and others. Give it a try and see how they can be led by God just like you can.

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Question: What are some of the topics that you would utilize with teen-to-teen mentoring? What are your thoughts?

Guest post: Dr. Grant T. Byrd is the Minister with Students at 1st Baptist Church of McKinney, Texas and the co-author of Mentoring: from Start to Finish. He is the minister “with” not “to” or “of” because the students at the church serve alongside him! Grant has been in student ministry for more than 25 years. He has an incredibly beautiful wife (Jill) who has put up with him for over 20 years, a teenage boy (Keegan) who keeps him honest, and a wonderful daughter (Darby) who wants to be a teenager TODAY! Grant is passionate about Jesus, his family, teenagers, and the Dallas Cowboys!

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