I know many (if not most) already have locked in plans for their summer! I get it.

I also know that there may be some students waiting for you to believe in them, invite them, and help them get to our Student Leadership Conference this summer. It could change their life!

It changed mine! The summer of my sophomore year in HS, my youth pastor invited me to a summer leadership experience that altered the course of my life. It was the personal invitation that made all the difference! Is there anyone you can invite?

You can find all the details if you click here.

Some actions to consider:
1. Think of a few names of students you’ve thought would be good student leaders.
2. Invite them to join you (or, if not you, ask a volunteer to oversee the trip–you can empower adults too).
3. Help them get to one of our two locations (in CA or PA).
4. Watch God work!
5. Celebrate the amazing things that happen when several hundred sharp teenagers gather and learn about biblical, servant-leadership.
6. Prepare for your youth ministry to be different when they return home.

I’ve asked some amazing friends to join me: Kara Powell (author of Sticky Faith), Mark Matlock (head honcho of Youth Specialties), Jim Burns (my youth pastor & President of HomeWord), Neely McQueen (author of Girls’ books), Walt Mueller (CPYU.org), Greg Steir (Dare to Share), …and many more. It’s going to be amazing!

Prices go up to the next tier on June 1. Register soon!

Here’s a highlight video from last summer:

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Question: What questions do you have about this conference? I’d love to help you get some students to join us. Ask away.