A little over a month ago I wrote a post in which quickly became the top post here on DYM called “Buh-Bye Student Leadership“. I have gotten more questions about student leadership than ever before, so I think we hit something that everyone wants to do but can’t seem to nail down (Side note: go and search for Jen Bradbury’s posts on student leadership on the blog and there is a TON of gold there. Trying to get her on my podcast to come talk about it). We call it student impact, not leadership, because I want to teach servanthood but you get the idea.

For our ministry, this is what it looks like:


  • We don’t have a cap on students who can join but it is for only high school students. We announce it to everyone in the room of what it is, the time commitment, what is expected and everyone needs to fill out an application. I sit down with everyone who fills it out and chat through why they want to be a part of it. I don’t cap it because why would I want I not want to pour into as many students who want to serve and lead the ministry they are a part of?
  • Here is the application: STUDENT Impact application 4

Meeting Agenda: Below is what our last meeting looked like. It is super simple and straight forward.

    Take role
    Hot seat – 2 people – 3 minutes each
    What has God been teaching you?
    Encourage them to keep going with KNOW YOUR ROW
    Christmas Toy Store – December 11th – we will serve together
    5 minute break
    Message/Discussion: Authenticity and social media – James 2:18-26
    SL on Wednesday Nights
    • New teams for this next round. Just let them know what their roles are below.
      • C- stairs
      • A- Trash After Service – inside and outside, collect all pens in FSR and WC
      • B – Bulletins

    Couple of notes on this agenda:

  • Hot seat: 2 students get in a chair up front and students ask questions for 3 minutes straight. Just a simple get to know you type game.
  • What has God been teaching you?: Happens almost every week as we get to hear from the mouths of students what they are struggling with and learning and processing though.
  • Toy Store: Our church does a toy store for the community for families who can’t really do Christmas and I have our students in this group serve in it for a night.
  • Message/Discussion: This happens every week. We either use the awesome LEADER TRECKS stuff here on DYM or we will talk through a certain topic.
  • Teams: See the other post I linked to above.

Hope this gives a little more look into how we structure our Student Impact meetings. I would love for you to share some ideas you have for running meetings like this.