I’m starting a new small group this month, and this is a letter I sent to the parents. If there’s something here you can use, feel free to rip this off and make it better.

Hey Everyone,

Sorry to take so long to get back to you, it’s taken me a little longer to get organized than I thought! This summer, I’ve been praying for all of us and our Bible study. I’m super excited for this next season and I’m confident it’s going to be great.

Here are our plans:

(a) We will be meeting Wednesday nights, from 7-9, in Foothill Ranch.

(b) We will be meeting with another small group, and it will be led by Cathy Fields. Our Bible study will be at their house.

(c) I will have a co-leader, and his name is Doug Fields. He’s a little bit of a slacker, but I promise to keep a close watch on him. He was my small group leader when I was in high school, and I turned out OK.


Will you please email me ASAP to let me know if you are IN or OUT … so we can begin to plan accordingly. Don’t assume I know…assume I’m not very smart and that I need confirmation one way or the other.

You may have some questions, like:

1. When do we get started?

2. Wednesday’s doesn’t work for us…what do we do?

3. Does Doug really have to be a co-leader?

4. Matt, what is your favorite food so we can make sure you have it each week at Bible study?

5. Why did you include so many emails in this email?

6. Matt, you think you are so funny and smart, but do you know you haven’t asked my question?

7. Why did you write the longest email in the history of emails?

Here are some answers:

1. September 29th.

2. I’m sorry Wednesday doesn’t work!! That is a total drag, and I feel your pain. Scheduling is always tough with these kinds of things and it’s impossible to make something work for everyone. Wednesday is the only night that works for Cathy and I (since Doug is a co-leader, he didn’t get a vote). We will need to work with the HSM staff to find another group for your son on a night that works for your family.

3. Yes. He’s my “project.”..!

4. I take a biblical approach to food and show no favoritism, loving every edible item equally.

5. Your family may be getting this email 2 or 3 times….I sent it to the boys and to parents…Since we are just getting started, I figured it would be worth it to over communicate. ALSO: I included Jessica and Ryanne because they are on staff at Saddleback and responsible for organizing HSM small groups. I included Josh so he could feel like he was in charge (it’s really Jessica and Ryanne).

6. Some day I will accept that I’m not funny and smart. I do know that I haven’t asked your other questions!! Send them to me and I’ll do my best to answer them.

7. I could answer this question, but it would considerably lengthen this email.