On my last to Mexico, I was invited to speak in a prison, and when I got there, they wanted me to play basketball with some of the prisoners. The guys playing were in jail for murder… so as you can imagine, they had no problem fouling hard. Most were mean-spirited, which makes sense because of the miserable surroundings. Outside this game of basketball, they guys seemed hopeless.

Except one guy.

The guy who was different was was picking guys up, smiling, laughing… he definitely stood out in this environment. He looked a little like a gangster… but didn’t act like one. After the game I asked, “Why were you the only guy to pass me the ball?” (Okay, I didn’t ask that, but it was true). I asked, “Why do you seem so different than everyone else in here?”

In broken English he said, “Jesus baby! It’s all about Jesus!”

That’s what this weekend is all about–Jesus. When Jesus defeated death, the word “impossible” should have been removed from the believer’s vocabulary. Because of God’s power, a man in misery can live with joy and hope. Willpower doesn’t do that to a person. You don’t rise above those kinds of circumstances with a little more Vitamin C and a good diet. There’s a supernatural power infused into the life of a Jesus-follower. It’s the same power that parted the Red Sea and the same power that raised Jesus from the dead… and it’s available to you and me and all those we have the privilege of leading and teaching this weekend.

Help people see the resurrected Jesus and the hope that’s connected.