If you are anything like me, you work and thrive better under clarity. When you work under someone who is clearly in the direction, scope, future, and process in which you operate, don’t you feel excited to get to work because you know exactly what you are doing?

Even though I would assume the answer would be “yes”, I feel like I get a lot questions about how to create clarity within the student ministry. Even if you are not working under a boss who is clearly in the direction and vision, doesn’t mean your ministry has to be unclear.

When you are focused as a leader you will find out your team and ministry will be focused too. You can even lead up in this area for your church.

Below are a couple of questions that you should ask yourself and ask your leadership team in order to begin the process of becoming a healthier and more focused team:

  • Do you know what your main things are?  Your “main things” are the things in which your ministry does that are non-negotiable. It’s the DNA of your ministry. For us, it’s our midweek program, small groups, and serving. Those are our main things. What are the wins for each of those? How do you know they are being successful? Are they written down somewhere? Are they clearly drawn out and communicated? And, do your leaders know them? If you were to ask them right now, would they know how to “win” in your ministry?
  • Do they match the vision and direction of your church? Last thing your senior pastor needs is another church in his church. There can only be one vision for the church and if you are not the senior leader, well, it’s not your vision. If you don’t like or agree with the church vision then I have to ask… why do you work there?
  • If you know the main things, are you actually sticking to them? Or are you adding things here and there because you think you need to? Sideways energy, anything that does not help the main things move forward, will only slow down and muddy your vision and goals. 
  • List out all of the things you do. Every sermon series, activity, event, camp, groups etc. and compare it to your values and your main things and see if they fit into your structure. 
  • If they don’t, why are you doing it?

Asking these questions will help you and your team begin to focus and be clear in your direction with your leaders and ministry.

There are two great episodes on Youth Ministry Hacks Podcast about this topic specifically.

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