About 6 years ago two of my friends and I were eating some food at a little Peruvian restaurant when we hatched an idea: what if we created a downloadable show for youth workers, a podcast where we talk about youth ministry and answer listener emails.

That day over heaping platefuls of hummus and rice (literally platefuls–if you’ve ever seen my friends Matt and Josh you’d know) that idea eventually became The Youth Ministry Garage was born. Every Thursday we gather in my garage and shoot a 45-minute show that’s part comedy, part out-of-control staff meeting, and part Youth Ministry Q/A. We have a cult-like following of “Rewinders” who have gone back and watched all of the episodes (240+). We have a blast doing this show. I’m so thankful that Youth Specialities is our primary sponsor and gives us so much support (as well as other sponsors)

In January 2012, these same friends and I gave birth to an idea that we think is something really special. I’ve got to be part of the beginning of some pretty incredible things: I started Simply Youth Ministry from my garage, I got to be part of Youth Specialties during the Mike Yaconelli era, I spent 18 years on staff at Saddleback Church (before we had a home/property/building). I really believe that I’m once again I’m opening two new doors that will help youth workers. Last week I wrote about www.youthsphere.com, and now we’re launching www.downloadyouthministry.com

This week we’re opening the doors of a new digital resource website that gives you access to easy-to-use, ready-to-go, inexpensive, customizable, trench-tested youth ministry resources.

These ideas, resources, Bible studies, graphics and trainings are fresh from our hard drives… even some of the material we taught last week. We’re making some of the best stuff available, and we’ve extended the invitation to others to gather their best resources and share them too (the goal is relevant, helpful, customizable and CHEAP).

Couple things I’d love for you to consider:

1) Drop by downloadyouthministry.com and take a look around. If something is helpful pick it up. Use the promocode INSIDER and you’ll get 50% off anything you order in this first week (this is 50% off of already cheap).

2) If you like creating resources and sharing them with others, I hope you’ll consider partnering with us. We’ve already got some agreements with some very sharp youth workers and we’d love to take a look at the series and curriculums you’re creating and see if we could partner together to share them with other youth workers.

So, I’m not sure what my next meal with Matt and Josh will bring, but two of my biggest loves (besides Josh/Matt) are the Youth Ministry Garage, and now Download Youth Ministry. We hope they’re helpful to you!