Even though we are back meeting in person, our digital strategy has not changed when it comes to our youth ministry. We are still looking to engage students online in ways we were not doing before COVID and still continue to reach students and their friends. As we are in full force developing our hybrid groups and online services (more on those in later posts) we are still wanting to create fun content for our students.

We we want student to continue to be challenged in their faith we also know students love to laugh and we want to provide some fun content on our Youtube channel to get more students there as well as with Instagram.

Ministry is service. We serve our students and we want to give students what they need to grow in their faith. Content is a product so we need to give students what they want.

So we want to give them what they want so we can sneak in what they need.

We want to get them to watch the fun stuff in hopes they stick around and maybe click on something that they are going to grow in their faith. Maybe it’s a sermon or a sermon clip. Maybe it’s another video we posted talking about doubt or wisdom. Who knows what could happen. We just want students to root around on our channel on one of the top video platforms for GenZ.

So this is a fun segment we have filmed a few of our staff roasting each other’s Instagram feeds. These were super fun to make and you can do it with students or leaders in your ministry as well.