I love license plate frames, I’m fascinated by what people like to promote.

The other day, I saw this one:

“Crazy Cat Lady” got my chuckle. It was perfect. (Actually I’d like to say it was purrrfect) A moment later, it got my admiration. I loved it. This lady wasn’t ashamed about who she was, she didn’t try to hide it. CRAZY CAT LADY is usually a laughable epithet. For her, it was a title worthy to be shouted it to the world.

What kind of confidence is this? (Ok, maybe it’s cluelessness, but I doubt it.)

I love it! this kind of confidence doesn’t come by catering to the crowd. In this confidence, there is no pretending to be something different just to win the approval of others.

This illustrates a healthy faith (and also healthy leadership). God created each of us as an original masterpiece, we don’t have to be a carbon copy of anyone else. We each have value, as we are created…we each have a role to play in the body of Christ and we’re all important.

You are weird. Embrace that. (I’m weird too, and trying to do the same.) God loves us, created us, and gifted us with the capacity for joy.

The crazy cat lady likes cats. So what?

I believe our best leadership springs from who we are … who we are made to be and who we choose to be. I believe embracing our identity in Jesus is the only way we can discover real confidence.

Anything less is merely a show, and at some point, it will crumble from the inside out.