Dear Youth Worker,

Every year I made it my goal to have every single summer detail figured by Easter. And every year I never quite made it… please tell me you can relate. I was always tinkering with programs and adding new summer opportunities to the calendar.

My guess is that you might still have some loose ends with your summer calendar plans too. Hopefully you will leave yourself a couple days between activities to catch up on sleep, collect permission slips, and just maybe vacuum out the church van.

As you may know I have hosted Student Leadership Conferences for about 10 years and this summer we’ve got 3 dates and locations that we want to invite you to attend. We don’t want your entire youth group… just those you’ve identified as leaders (or potential leaders). If you can’t come, consider sending a responsible volunteer.

Why? For several years I have seen firsthand the return on investment when teenagers attend SLC. I watched it up-close in my own ministry, and I have seen it played-out 1000’s of times with other youth ministries across the country. When student leaders are invested in, they become servant leaders and they pursue opportunities and possibilities. They begin to lead and serve in your youth ministry instead of occupy chairs waiting to be entertained. Some student leaders begin to disciple younger students while others reach their school and city. Bottom line, teenagers who attend SLC return to your church different. This is why I will continue to provide this conference year after year.

I want to invite you to identify some students to attend SLC this summer who you want to return different than when they were sent. I can’t wait to meet you and help strengthen your ministry by training your teenagers. For more information about SLC, including schedule and how to reserve your spots, please visit us at

It would be my honor to invest in your student leaders!

Doug Fields