Several times a year my good buddy (and youth ministry hero) Duffy Robbins and I will conduct seminars for youth workers (Speaking to Teenagers) and parents (Building a Faith that Lasts). We always have a blast together and I’ve documented several good Duffy Robbins‘ stories on this blog (Korea and Dr. Ruth to name a couple) in the past. Anyway, I got this photo sent to me of an event we did last month in Syracuse, NY and I thought it needed a caption.

Provide the most creative caption and you’ll win $50 to Share them here.

[After 56 comments, we picked a winner (which was very difficult since many were very funny–and, to be honest, a couple were dumb–you know who you are). The winner is: “Duffy shoots himself in the head as Doug unveils yet another youth ministry acronym.” Congratulations Neal Bowes! I’ll email you a code to receive $50 in material from]

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